World Cup Analysis – Episode 14

This episode of World Cup Analysis finds Galen talking about the exciting final Group Stage games from Group D, featuring Argentina’s comeback victory against Nigeria. We spend a lot of time talking about that game, about Argentina’s chances moving forward, and about the implications of their knockout stage matchup vs France. We also take a lot of questions from the audience about Brazil, Germany, Serbia, and other aspects of the World Cup.

You can catch World Cup Analysis every day on Twitter/Periscope, where you can ask your own questions and comment on the games of the tournament.

World Cup Analysis – Episode 9

Today’s World Cup analysis focuses on the shock capitulation of Argentina to Croatia, France coasting to victory against Peru, Australia keeping themselves in the mix, and the implications of tomorrow’s Nigeria-Iceland game. Plus, we take viewer questions and preview tomorrow’s other two games.

World Cup 2018 – Group Stage Analysis

Galen is joined by longtime friend of the podcast Lee Delvecchio for this special edition of SportsPolitik and The Drop Zone. We talk about our reflections from the first week of the World Cup, delve a bit into the Messi-Ronaldo debate, talk about the teams that have looked the best through the first ten days, and also talk about which teams should be the most concerned going forward. We also dive into a bunch of other random topics in and around this tournament. This is a fun podcast — give it a listen, you’ll enjoy it.

World Cup Analysis – Day 8

Zach Osterman joins the World Cup Analysis podcast series, as we break down the first set of group stage games, talk about the Group A and B action from the second set of games, and talk about some of the emerging storylines from the tournament so far. Should France be panicked? Should Germany be panicked? What to make of England and Belgium? Was the first set of games really exciting or did it lack compelling drama? All that and more, on this edition of WCA on The Drop Zone.

World Cup Analysis – Day 7

We finish off the first round of Group Stage games and start on the second round, and lots of things happen in between. Galen Clavio takes you through the primary storylines from the day — Colombia’s red card and subsequent loss to Japan, Senegal’s superiority over Poland, and Russia’s surprising emergence as the alpha dog of Group A. GC also resets his knockout stage picks, talks about the implications of the new projected matchups, and discusses whether the own goal festival that’s going on is a stylistic difference or just a random occurrence.

World Cup Analysis – Day 6

Galen flies solo on this episode.¬†Topics discussed include England’s important win over Tunisia, Belgium’s proper thrashing of Panama, the problems that the Koreans find themselves in, and whether or not we should be concerned about the pre-tournament favorites.

You can catch these podcasts live on Periscope by tuning in to @doctorgc on Twitter, roughly 15-30 minutes after the conclusion of the final games on each day.

Cosmic America 26: Icky Thump by The White Stripes

Our White Stripes odyssey comes to an end with this episode, as we hit the (surprise) ending note to the band’s career with Icky Thump. Fuller sound, slightly more uneven, but still featuring four or five classic tunes, this was a fine way for the band to swan song. We go track-by-track through the album, pointing out highlights and talking about the sonic qualities of each song.

If you’ve got questions or comments, hit us up at @doctorgc or @alexkmccarthy on Twitter.

Cosmic America 25: Get Behind Me Satan by The White Stripes

We’re almost done with The White Stripes catalogue, and we move on to the most controversial of their six releases with this one, as Alex and Galen delve into Get Behind Me Satan. It represented a sonic change for the band, as well as an attitudinal one. How did it measure up to what came before it? And was the end truly in sight with this release? We go through the whole thing, track by track, on this edition of Cosmic America.

The Drop Zone 2018 World Cup Preview

We did a World Cup preview. We tried to fight through a bit of apathy at the lack of the United States in the tournament, and came out the other side with previews of each group, plus a very shaky set of predictions for what’s going to happen in the knockout phase and beyond. Lots of questions in this one. Can Germany repeat from 2014? Does France have what it takes to put together a winning World Cup campaign? How will Brazil respond to the embarrassment of last time? Who are the dark horses and rooting interests for neutral observers? All of that, plus listener questions and more, on this special edition of The Drop Zone.

003: Sarah Beeson

On this edition of SportsPolitik, I talk with Sarah Beeson, who is a producer with international. We chat about what her division of does, and about some of the interesting content she’s been involved in producing over the last year. We also talk about Alexander Ovechkin, his current playoff run, and his legacy as an NHL player. We then switch attention to talking about the Stanley Cup Final: the psychological pressure on the Washington Capitals, the amazing story of the Vegas Golden Knights, and the likelihood of the series ending tonight.