When I posted this video on YouTube, I used the following explanation:

The goofiest thing I’ve ever taken part in on TV (and yes, that includes the He Hate Me video). Me, Danton Barto, Rocky Redbird, Grizz, some balding dude, a bunch of turkeys, a bunch of knives, and a mall in Memphis. I thought the wishbone thing at the end was a nice touch, but then I’m a geek at heart.

There’s slightly more to the story. I was about two months into the Memphis Experiment, and things were starting to devolve a bit already — there was some seething discontent on the team, and there was already a bunker mentality starting in the coaching office (and rightfully so, as it turned out about a month later). I was still pulling 12-hour days, and the gleam of not being in Iowa anymore had worn off a bit.

Anyway, this was originally supposed to be a player appearance (Don Parsons, I think) but it somehow fell to me. So I ended up in downtown Memphis the morning before a road trip to Loveland, Colorado, carving a turkey on television. It was among the more perfect exhibitions of minor league sportsism I ever took part in.