Another song I have a soft spot for, and this is also one that other people seem to like, too. I’ve got the original demo version that I recorded in late January of 2004 floating around somewhere, and I’ll upload it eventually, but that’s just a bare-bones sketch of the song. As proud as I was of the chord sequence and lyrics on this song, what really pleased me was how all the production elements came together. I was using a very basic Hammerhead drum pattern (just a boom – thwack, basically) that somehow managed to fill all the space needed in percussion. I had just bought a Fender DG-10 acoustic/electric, and this is the first real use of it on a recorded song for me. The other items — the lead guitar, the phased guitar, the bass line — all of it just sort of fell into place. I’d say from the initial writing of the song to the completed recording, it was no more than 2-3 weeks. I had this one in the can by the third week of Feburary or so.