Another interview! This one is more recent, and took place in October 2010. Someone in the Gizmodo HQ found my faculty listing on the web, and called me on a whim (this was one of those abnormal days when I was actually picking up the phone). He asked me a couple of questions about the Wii Fit, I answered, and that was that.

Here’s the link to the full piece. For ease of reading, here’s the pertinent part of my response, which was based on a reader’s question as to whether playing sports on the Wii Fit might be an adequate replacement for a gym membership:

Dear Sbarro—

Get off your ass and into a gym. Or on a sidewalk. Or roll down a hill aerobically. Sucker punch someone at a bar and then run away as he and his friends chase you. Anything. Your problem is the couch, not the videogames, and dumping money into console peripherals isn’t going to get you out of the living room. Galen Clavio, of Indiana University’s Kinesiology Department says that, although a PlayStation Move or Wii Fit might help with hand/eye coordination, they are “nothing that would replace the gym.” Even if you combined real exercise with hopping around in your living room, Galen says, wryly, that the best you can probably hope for is to “help with understanding the sports that you’re playing.” But you’re not actually playing sports, see?