One of the many Roanoke-based songs, this one actually began life about two years earlier as half a chord sequence that I’d written down in a notebook. Eventually it morphed into this form — an instrumental with interwoven lead guitars. In all honesty, this was a test track in many ways: A test to see if I could play lead guitar sufficiently enough, a test of recording using stereo separation (as opposed to just mixing in mono as I’d primarily done on A Chance In Hell the previous year), a test of adding more subtle sonic elements like the harmonica and the synth that are buried in the mix. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for this song, even though very few other people have tended to like it. That’s fine, though. Recorded in the Roanoke studio sometime in June 2002. Used the Gibson 12 string on this song, but strung as a 6-string.