I have no idea why this very simple promo works, but it does. I believe this was the first one that we ever did after getting the key to the production studio. This had to have been recorded in November 1999. I clearly remember Jeff Meredith and me going in to the production studio with about four or five CDs, one of which was “Television’s Greatest Hits Volume 6”. We recorded about 5 or 6 promos, and then burned them onto CD and played them for Sean Bartel on the car ride back from the airport, as Sean had flown in for the weekend from the frozen north. Jeff Fleischer was in the car too, I believe.

So we did the Trapper John ID, which was as much intended to test levels as anything else. It ended up getting played all the time. We also did the “Nitro Rider” promo, for Mike Petry’s Sports Nitro program (the “other” sports show on WIUS). Jeff Meredith with the KITT impersonation, and some topical sport scandals — does anyone even remember the Peter Warrick shoplifting thing?

I also did a one-off promo for the station using “The People’s Court” as the background music. I think the joke at the time was that excise police HAD arrested someone who had drank some NyQuil. It was a crazy time.