One of three papers I was fortunate enough to be a part of that got published in the special Twitter issue of theĀ International Journal of Sport Communication. This was Matt Blaszka’s concept, and it’s an interesting look at hashtag usage in sport among fans and organizations in college sports.

Here’s the abstract: Sport organizations, teams, and athletes are growing constituencies that use social- media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to engage in dialogue with their respective audiences. The purpose of this study was to examine Twitter hashtag use during a major sporting event. Specifically, this study analyzed #WorldSeries during the 2011 World Series. The study employed a content-analysis methodology to determine who was using the hashtag and how it was being used. Using systematic sampling, 1,450 tweets were analyzed. The results demonstrated that #WorldSeries was being used predominantly by laypersons to express fanship, as well as interactivity. When individuals were being interactive with this hashtag, they were doing so mainly with MLB/league officials and other laypersons. Most of these interactive tweets were also expressions of fanship. The implications of these findings are discussed further.

2012 Blaszka Burch Frederick Clavio Walsh