little5I present to you the (almost) complete broadcast of the 2001 Men’s Little 500 on WIUS-AM 1570 student radio. I’ve had these tapes floating around in various boxes for the past twelve years, and it felt like it was time to finally get them digitized and in the public domain.

This was my last official non-studio broadcast as a student media member, and it was a fun way to go out. The weather ended up being perfect for the race (and it rarely is), the broadcast crew did a great job, and the technical aspects of the broadcast went off without a hitch. Well, mostly without a hitch.

Some brief notes:

  • The broadcast crew consisted of myself as lead announcer/play-by-play, Ben Johnson as lead analyst, Joseph Humphrey as secondary analyst, Matt Rodewald, Conor O’Shea, and Adam Minnick as infield reporters, John Koluder as lead producer, a very young Mike Benner as engineer, Brenda Stidham as an associate producer, and several other people in various roles. Jeff Meredith was likely on this somewhere as well. It was a huge production, far bigger than anything we did with student radio, except for the Bob Knight firing broadcast.
  • I yell – a lot – during the early parts of the race. My apologies, I was still learning to get my voice and thoughts under control.
  • I also get a lot of names wrong, both of the riders and (occasionally) of the fraternity teams. No errors such as these were intentional, and most were just a product of having a huge amount of information to process and not doing a great job of preparation. In other words, I was a young broadcaster.
  • We lost the very opening of the broadcast, probably because the tape didn’t get started until after we called in.
  • We lost the end of the broadcast when someone kicked out the phone cord, so my glorious sign-off was lost to history. I remember being pissed about this at the time.

Comments, as always, are welcome. Hope you enjoy this journey thru the past.