sppodsmOn this edition of the SportsPolitik podcast series, Galen is joined by Matt Zimmerman, as we tackle a bevy of unrelated issues, including:

  • The Danbury Trashers’ history, which was prompted by GC’s odd taste in Skype avatars.
  • The incredibly boring sports season of the month of July, and what we as a society could do to change that.
  • Saturation of sports stories, and the difficulty in feeling anything but cynicism in many of the things that the media hold dear in the sports realm.
  • Older sportswriters talking PEDs, the gulf between their attitudes and most of the ‘Net generation, and where those biases come from.
  • The “Cult of Positivity” in Twitter and sports, and how it’s suffocating discourse and attention to some of the problems in the sports world.
  • Manti Te’o, and how that story fit into the Cult of Positivity equation.
  • The college football problem, which seems to have no logical endgame. Galen bangs on this table for a good 30 minutes and I’m not sure we got anywhere with the conversation, but at least some of the issues are out there.

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