The Spotify Reviews are an idea I came up with while playing video games last week. I almost always play with the sound off, to avoid the insipid commentary on the games, and normally I supplant that sound with a random playlist on Spotify. However, I got to thinking – why not be more productive with your time, GC? So instead of a random playlist, I’m now listening to a bunch of albums that I haven’t heard in years (or never actually listened to at all), and reviewing them after-the fact. These aren’t meant to be incredibly in-depth reviews, but they are intended to provide a sketch of what the album sounds like, and whether or not I like it. All opinions are my own. Ratings are on a scale of 0 to 1000, just because. Disagree? Agree? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

First up on the review docket? Collective Soul’s eponymous second album.

Collective Soul – Collective Soul (1995) – Everyone knows the hits off this album, and good lord there were several — December, The World I Know, Where The River Flows, Gel. That’s a lifetime of singles for most bands. Unfortunately the rest of the album is very filler-ish and mostly hookless. It’s like they’re trying to straddle the line between atmospherics and pop, and not really succeeding at either one. Except for that quasi-gospelish alt-country piece at the end, which tries being quasi-gospelish and alt-country and fails. Most of the non-hit songs are just boring, rather than being bad or offensive.