The Spotify Reviews are an idea I came up with while playing video games last week. I almost always play with the sound off, to avoid the insipid commentary on the games, and normally I supplant that sound with a random playlist on Spotify. However, I got to thinking – why not be more productive with your time, GC? So instead of a random playlist, I’m now listening to a bunch of albums that I haven’t heard in years (or never actually listened to at all), and reviewing them after-the fact. These aren’t meant to be incredibly in-depth reviews, but they are intended to provide a sketch of what the album sounds like, and whether or not I like it. All opinions are my own. Ratings are on a scale of 0 to 1000, just because. Disagree? Agree? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.


Our second Spotify Review focuses on another 1995 album. This time, we take a crack at…

Pet Your Friends – Dishwalla (1995) – The opening lines of the lead-off track “Pretty Babies” immediately brand the lead singer as one of those annoying guys who keeps trying to talk about political theory while you’re out at the bar watching the baseball game. Two songs in, I feel like I’m stuck in a promo for the pilot episode of Dawson’s Creek (and yes, I know that came a full two years later). But really, this is very hyperdramatic shoegazey pop, with a lot of 80’s aping going on. Normally I like that sound, but the lyrics in combination with the lead singer’s holier-than-thou tone are really hard to swallow. Now, Counting Blue Cars is not a bad song, although in this context it’s worse than you remember, mostly because now it sounds just as preachy and arrogant as the rest of the songs on the album. It’s almost as if these guys wanted to write a whole song just so they could casually drop god being a woman into the lyrics. Arrogant. Of the rest of the songs, “Moisture” at least made me pay attention for a few minutes. The rest were just boring.