sppodsmOn this mega-superior blowout final edition of World Cup Talk, GC, Lee, and David have a very long, twisting conversation that starts with recapping the World Cup final and then travels through about 19 different topics. Some of the items we cover include:

  • Argentina’s overachievement in this tournament
  • Germany’s accomplishments and what the implications of their system changes should be
  • The new nature of soccer fandom in the USA, and what’s the real driver behind it
  • The golden opportunity that soccer has in the afterglow of the World Cup
  • The entities best poised to capitalize on that afterglow
  • The problems with USA Soccer from a management perspective
  • MLS Expansion and the same mistakes being made again
  • The trepidation we feel about Fox taking over the broadcast reins from ESPN

All that and a lot more. Thanks so much for listening to the podcasts, everyone. The next World Cup isn’t too far away.