I moved around a lot in my 20’s. My first chosen career was as a sports broadcaster, in the play-by-play mold. So I ended up doing a lot of damn moving. Most of that is covered in the various posts and pages on this site. But along the way, I’ve picked up a lot of various hobbies, writings, recorded media, and other bits and pieces that make up my curriculum vitae. I also started carrying around a lot of heavy boxes full of cassette tapes of my broadcasting exploits, and initially this site was designed as a place for all of those tapes to be digitized and stored. But in the process of doing that, I also wanted a place to put all of my writing, all of my self-recorded music, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

So the notion behind this site is very much self-centered, in that I wanted to see what it all looked like in one place. I didn’t really create it with the notion of anyone caring enough to sift through it — it’s less of a storybook and more of an archive.

I do believe, however, that there’s some value in viewing a person’s life through the prism of their total work, both through their professional endeavors and their non-professional activities. So for anyone who’s interested in Galen Clavio, this site is intended to be a place for you to satisfy some degree of curiosity.

A brief background on me: I was born the oldest of two children to parents who did everything they could to nurture my mental and emotional growth, and for that I’ll always be grateful. My earliest years were spent in Clinton, Indiana — a dying coal mining town that I would’ve hated growing up in during the 80’s and 90’s. When I was five, we moved to the greater Lafayette area, first settling in Battle Ground and then in the countryside outside of West Lafayette. I was an odd child. Very antisocial, very insecure, very intelligent, very self-aware yet not terribly conscious of self. I underwent a painful metamorphosis from that state to relatively social and friendly by the end of high school. My earliest passions were sports (particularly college basketball in general, and IU basketball in particular), video games, and geography. To a certain extent, those three items have stuck with me through all I’ve done since. In high school, I picked up a variety of random hobbies, including guitar and bass, acting, radio broadcasting, and writing — all very right-brained activities that I never thought would be in my repertoire. Owned a couple of great cars, a 76 Caprice and a 77 Malibu. Decided to go to school at Indiana. Had a rollercoaster four years that taught me a lot of lessons but left me with a lot of questions. Got a broadcasting job out of school with a radio station in Indianapolis. Immediately left for a better opportunity doing play-by-play in Evansville. Did that for a summer, got laid off when the season ended. Spent five months unemployed. Got a job in 2002 out of the blue, in Roanoke, Virginia, broadcasting Arena Football (well, arenafootball2, at least). Team went bankrupt after 6 months. Went to Fayetteville, NC for a hockey gig. Left after three months. Went to Iowa and worked as a sports director for a year. Nearly went back to grad school. Stayed, and ended up moving to Memphis for yet another hockey/arenafootball2 gig. Left after a year for grad school. And then Phase II began.

Now I’m a Ph.D., working at Indiana University as a Sport Management professor.