This page is intended to catalog all of my publications, articles, and other stuff that relate to my “new” career, as a professor in the discipline of Sport Management.

Why would you be the least bit interested in this? Well, I’m not terribly sure, unless you’re a sport/new media/communication/marketing researcher, or someone interested in video games.

I’ve tried to arrange these in roughly chronological order, starting with my earliest forays in 2006-07. All works are (c) Galen Clavio and the other authors listed, and the journals who have published the works.

Clavio and Pedersen (2007) – Print and Broadcast Connections of ESPN

Clavio (2008) – Uses and Gratifications of College Sports Message Boards

Clavio (2008) – Demographics and Usage profiles of Users of College Sports Message Boards

Clavio, Kraft, and Pedersen (2009) – Communicating with Consumers through Video Games: An Analysis of Brand Development within the Video Gaming Segment of the Sports Industry

Clavio (2010) – Interview with Will Leitch / Review of “God Save The Fan”

Kwak, Clavio, Eagleman, and Kim (2010) – Exploring the Antecedents and Consequences of Personalizing Sport Video Game Experiences

Clavio and Kian (2010) – Uses and Gratifications of a Retired Female Athlete’s Twitter Feed

Kian and Clavio (2011) – A Comparison of Online Media and Traditional Newspaper Coverage of the Men’s and Women’s U.S. Open Tennis Tournaments

Clavio and Eagleman (2011) – Gender and Sexually Suggestive Images in Sports Blogs

Clavio (2011) – Social Media and the College Football Audience