Cosmic America 25: Get Behind Me Satan by The White Stripes

We’re almost done with The White Stripes catalogue, and we move on to the most controversial of their six releases with this one, as Alex and Galen delve into Get Behind Me Satan. It represented a sonic change for the band, as well as an attitudinal one. How did it measure up to what came before it? And was the end truly in sight with this release? We go through the whole thing, track by track, on this edition of Cosmic America.

The Drop Zone 2018 World Cup Preview

We did a World Cup preview. We tried to fight through a bit of apathy at the lack of the United States in the tournament, and came out the other side with previews of each group, plus a very shaky set of predictions for what’s going to happen in the knockout phase and beyond. Lots of questions in this one. Can Germany repeat from 2014? Does France have what it takes to put together a winning World Cup campaign? How will Brazil respond to the embarrassment of last time? Who are the dark horses and rooting interests for neutral observers? All of that, plus listener questions and more, on this special edition of The Drop Zone.

003: Sarah Beeson

On this edition of SportsPolitik, I talk with Sarah Beeson, who is a producer with international. We chat about what her division of does, and about some of the interesting content she’s been involved in producing over the last year. We also talk about Alexander Ovechkin, his current playoff run, and his legacy as an NHL player. We then switch attention to talking about the Stanley Cup Final: the psychological pressure on the Washington Capitals, the amazing story of the Vegas Golden Knights, and the likelihood of the series ending tonight.

SportsPolitik 002: USA Soccer fallout with Dan Karell and Matthew Zimmerman

The Ringer dropped a 10,000 word bomb on Tuesday, detailing the many faults and fractures behind the scenes of the US Men’s National Team, and USA Soccer as a whole, that led to the men’s team missing out on World Cup 2018. We couldn’t let that go without spending some quality time podcasting about it, so I brought back two longtime SportsPolitik favorites — Dan Karell, who has covered soccer for many years and currently covers Louisville City FC, and Dr. Matthew Zimmerman, whose professional journalism career saw him cover the LA Galaxy and Team USA. We talk about our reflections from the piece, the interesting interviews, the logistical issues of the Klinsmann era, and the problematic present and future of USA Soccer.

Cosmic America 24: Elephant by The White Stripes

It’s been a bit of a hiatus, but we’re back with the next installment of our deep dive into The White Stripes. For this edition, we tackle what is possibly their best-known album, Elephant. This 2003 masterpiece put the band on top of the rock world, and showcased an ever-expanding sonic palate. We brought along a special guest to join us for this episode! Longtime White Stripes fan Nate Lynch joins us on the third line to talk about his perspective on the album.

Comments or questions? Hit us up on Twitter at @doctorgc or @akmccarthy. And stay tuned as we cover the rest of the discography.

001: Katie Metz

The SportsPolitik Podcast has relaunched, and our first guest is Katie Metz! We talk about yoga, commitment, national doughnut day, and the instant pot craze. If you’re tuning into this one for sports talk, you’re probably going to be disappointed.

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The Drop Zone: 2018 Premier League EOY review

After a 10 month hiatus, The Drop Zone is back, as Zach and Galen walk you through the aftermath of the 2017-18 Premier League season. We spend most of our time talking about the Top 5 (with a little Arsenal and Burnley thrown in). We discuss the implications of Manchester City’s record-breaking yet somewhat disappointing year, Manchester United’s uncertain direction, Tottenham’s uncertain future, and Liverpool’s chances at glory. We also discuss the relegation victims, and a few other storylines floating around the margins.

We’ll be back with more Drop Zone for the World Cup early next month!

Cosmic America 23: White Blood Cells by The White Stripes

We’re back for part 3 of our six-part White Stripes odyssey. This time we uncover the album that broke them into the big time: White Blood Cells. And what an album it is — bluesy and hooky and layered with all kinds of fascinating touches. Is it their best album? There’s a worthwhile debate to be had about that. But in the meantime, let us walk you through it track by track.

Comments or questions? Hit us up on Twitter at @doctorgc or @akmccarthy. And stay tuned as we cover the rest of the discography in the next week.

Cosmic America 22: De Stijl by The White Stripes

It’s an Easter Sunday special edition for Cosmic America! Alex and Galen continue their investigation of the career arc of The White Stripes. This episode sees the guys breaking down the band’s second album, De Stijl, and diving further into both the sound of the band and the mythology surrounding it.

If you have comments or questions, send ’em our way on Twitter – @doctorgc and @akmccarthy.

Cosmic America 21: The White Stripes by The White Stripes

The new Cosmic America has officially launched! We’re still here talking about great music, but we’ve upped the ante by talking OVER great music. Our goal is to give you in-the-moment analysis, criticism, and evaluation of whole albums worth of music. And to do it one artist at a time, album by album. What makes these great artists tick? How did their career arc sound, and what sorts of things were going on in and around the recording of the songs?

Our first group for review is The White Stripes, who need no formal introduction. This podcast starts off with a brief overview of the band, before launching into a review of their debut album, titled The White Stripes. Not a whole lot of people heard this one when it first came out, but the later success of White Blood Cells would usher in a lot of positive critical acclaim for their debut. How does this album hold up, nearly twenty years after it was released? Let’s find out.