The new Cosmic America has officially launched! We’re still here talking about great music, but we’ve upped the ante by talking OVER great music. Our goal is to give you in-the-moment analysis, criticism, and evaluation of whole albums worth of music. And to do it one artist at a time, album by album. What makes these great artists tick? How did their career arc sound, and what sorts of things were going on in and around the recording of the songs?

Our first group for review is The White Stripes, who need no formal introduction. This podcast starts off with a brief overview of the band, before launching into a review of their debut album, titled The White Stripes. Not a whole lot of people heard this one when it first came out, but the later success of White Blood Cells would usher in a lot of positive critical acclaim for their debut. How does this album hold up, nearly twenty years after it was released? Let’s find out.